“If there is any problem with your order, please
let us know about it via our email. For those who
would like to return / exchange our items must notify
Asia-Care.com via email and make return merchandise
order in your order list within 14 days of receipt.”


We will pay the delivery charge about the return only If we request a return. (Example: When we have to check the condition of damaged item, when we have to get the product that was wrongly delivered). In other cases (simple change/cancel/not suitable for your skin), a return postage fee will apply to you.

1. Provide us with specific reasons through info@asia-care.com
2. Make order of returning merchandise in your order list.
3. After checking the reasons we'll change status of your return merchandise order to "Waiting for package", further you can return the package by using normal international registered mail.
3. Your money will be back to your Paypal account in 3 days from the arrival of your returned products.


After the confirmation of your order, Cancel / Change / Refund is only possible before the product is shipped from the company.
After it is delivered, it’s impossible to Cancel / Change / Refund. Also we can't help you to Cancel / Change / Refund your order if the products used.

For this case, you can Cancel / Change / Refund only by within 14 days after receiving. Extra cost will be your responsibility. Please frequently check the status of your packages.

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